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Genome Editing

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Genome Editing: This module aims at drawing students attention on the fact that our genome is much less “crystallized” than we think: our DNA is continuously prone to a whole range of mutations, and continuously corrected by endogenous repair systems. Students will be involved in a “text editing” activity; a “metaphore” to help them recognize different types of mutations affecting our DNA (form “typos” like point mutations to editing of entire “paragraphs” like chromosome deletions). Furthermore, since the dawn of times, man has seeked the most convenient ways to modify the surrounding environment as needed, including the genetic background of other organisms, to select desired characteristics. The discovery of DNA, and the set up of new techniques to analyze it to a crescent level of detail, enabled the birth of genetic engineering first, and more recently of genome editing. A brand new scenario, that opens up almost-limitless possibilities, along with ethical questions.


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