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La Cura Festival

ClientLa Cura Festival


Live graphic recording  for The CURA FESTIVAL, in collaboration with Housatonic DN  and Kilowatt.

From the 8 to July 10 th 2016 La CURA becames a festival: it toke life in the regenerated spaces of Kilowatt, to the Greenhouses of the Giardini Margherita di Bologna. Three days of events, performance, exposures, laboratories, music, food and talks. An evento to explore the role of the complexity, of the relationship, of the interconnection, of the transgression. The art assumes the role of catalyst to create new imaginary and awareness.

“When artist Salvatore Iaconesi was diagnosed with brain cancer, he refused to be a passive patient — which, he points out, means “one who waits.” So he hacked his brain scans, posted them online, and invited a global community to pitch in on a “cure.” This sometimes meant medical advice, and it sometimes meant art, music, emotional support — from more than half a million people.”

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