About Works

GraphicDNA is a creative network whose aim is easing medical and scientific communication.

We support pharma and biotech companies, publishers, healthcare and social organizations, giving them a clear and remarkable voice.

We design and create educational and communication materials, starting from data and scientific evidence, telling engaging stories, showing connections.

We draw the path from complex to simple.

Main clients

  • TED Ed
  • Roche
  • La Repubblica
  • Wired
  • Graphic News
  • Fondazione Veronesi
  • Alfasigma
  • Giunti Editore
  • Sequirus
  • Junia Pharma
  • RuralHub
  • Walce
  • Pharmanutra
  • Lifepath
  • Arpa Umbria
  • Unione delle Province d'Italia
  • ATMO


  • Housatonic
  • The Missing Kind
  • Pinch
  • Coffeelab
  • Pacini Editore Medicina

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